Race German started off to fill a void in the automotive community.  Currently, there are countless parts, manufacturers and third-party companies willing to sell you anything under the sun to get a sale.  Although having a huge selection is sometimes a good thing, we believe quality over quantity.


For the past 10 years we have been buying and testing the majority of new and old products for BMW's on the market.  We have tested them on street and the race track in our personal cars.  Using this knowledge, we decided to create a unique automotive store for our customers. Out of 100s of products tested, we reached out to the manufacturers and hand selected only the highest quality parts for your street/race car.  We did not feel it was necessary to sell you everything from one manufacturer as we don’t believe one manufacturer does everything the best.  By hand selecting the highest quality parts, we are able to take the guess work out for you.


Finally, feel confident in what you are installing on your car. In addition, Race German stocks every part we sell.  No drop shipping here.  We felt this was the only way to control quality, shipping, and keep our high customer service rating. 


In the end, remember to have fun. 


Build it. Race it.


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