The best thing about the car community, is community.  Every week we will pick our favorite submission and feature it on our social media platforms.  Share your car, story, mods, and details with the RG community.

November 12, 2021

This weeks winner goes to Stephen Moriel and his stunning 1999 BMW E36 M3.  We are kind of partial to Estoril blue M3s, because not only is it one of the best ///M colors ever made, but we also had our own.  This E36 may look stock from the outside, but Stephen hid a little surprise under the hood.  A S54 from an E46 M3, and that makes this BMW a winner in our book.


You can follow Stephen on instagram @wbstephenn



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November 5, 2021

This weeks winner goes to Armen Martirosyan and his beautiful 1995 E36 M3. Armen claims he was so bored during the pandemic so he bought a car. That doesn’t sound like anyone I know, wait, that sounds like every car guy I know. That being said we aren’t sad that he did because he created an absolute monster.

We were told the car was in pretty rough shape when it started, with a paint job done in an actual Home Depot parking lot. As much as Armen just wanted to slap a big turbo in it, and get sideways, his father convinced him to save another Bavarian and do a legit build. We are grateful for his father’s advice so we can enjoy this E36 for years to come.

The modification list is pretty extensive, but some notable upgrades are: a brand new alpine white paint job, LTW wing, Rieger font spoiler, APEX ARC-8 wheels, DEPO glass headlights with angel eye upgrades, valvtronic exhaust, suede steering wheel, RTD shifter, Braum seats, and yes, the big turbo still made it in!

The car looks like a blast to drive, and we are glad Armen resurrected another.

If you want to follow his build you can on Instagram @mr.kaplin_

October 29, 2021

This weeks winner slides right in as a 1985 325e with some pretty extensive modifications. Joey Huml is the owner of this drift king, and we have been following him for some time, and rightly so. Joey is constantly sharing videos of him sliding around the track. This E30 is outfitted with yellow speed coilers and a CNC 71 angle kit to get those front tires way out there. To improve throttle response on this M20B27, he added a sssquid engine management chip and IE headers. To play favorites he installed our very own Race German diff studs, water pump studs, and exhaust manifold kit to make things just a little easier when performing maintenance. Whatever Joey is doing, he seems to be doing it right, because it looks like a lot of fun out there.

You can follow along with Joey on instagram @bubbathedriffguy

October 22, 2021

This weeks winner gets us back on track (no pun intended). This is Edward Graff’s 1995 BMW M3, and it looks like an absolute monster. Edward stated that this car started off as a rolling shell, which makes this build even more impressive. The owner stated he has gone through multiple engine and suspension setups before landing in its current state. This E36 M3 now has a built high compression big cam S52 with S54 independent throttle bodies (ITBs). To keep it planted on track, he has installed AST coilovers and a mashaw LTW wing. Behind the powerful engine is a 6 speed transmission from an E46 M3. This is not just a track rat for Edward however, so he installed a beautiful Modena yellow interior, and swaps wheels and tires depending if he is carving the canyons or hitting the apex’s. Whatever Edward does, this E36 looks to be a ton of fun.

Congratulations and you can follow Edward on instagram @11_10s_racing

October 15, 2021

This week we are changing it up a little bit. Good driving weather isn’t over yet. The pic of the week goes to Nicko Evangelista’s drop top E30. This isn’t any ordinary convertible though. The car started out as a complete project, and received a brand new interior, new paint, and 3p airlift suspension. To make it scoot a little more, Nicko, swapped in an S52 motor from an E36 M3. He added an M50 intake manifold, Castro Motorsports cold air intake, z3 steering, and IE sway bars. That is pretty good, but he didn’t stop there. To make the exterior match under the hood, he added a euro front valance, custom 3 piece wheels, and euro front/rear bumpers to set it apart. The car is truly gorgeous and looks like a blast to drive with the top down during these cool fall days.

You can follow Nicko on Instagram @neeks.la

October 8, 2021

This week we are switching it up a little, and giving the pic of the week to Kevin Schneiders beautiful 2011 BMW 328i Touring. Kevin claims that once he got married, had a daughter, and started living the family life, he need to get a “Dad Mod”. This E91 BMW doesn’t have many mods, but we are ok with that for a safe, family, daily driver. Kevin installed a custom quad exhaust with a few minor cosmetic tweaks to make it his own. He hopes to one day N54 or M57 swap. Whatever Kevin does, it looks like a blast to drive, with all the creature comforts you want. Congratulations!

You can follow Kevin on Instagram @4doors

October 1, 2021

This weeks winner goes to a car that is a unicorn to most and sadly about as unattainable as they come right now. This is Sebastian Silva’s BMW E30 M3. The best part about this E30 M3 is that it is not a garage queen and is still used how the Germans intended. The car still retains its stock S14 4 cylinder engine that whines out to 6,750 revolutions per minute and makes 200 horsepower naturally aspirated. To keep it planted, the car sits on Ground Control suspension and high performance race pads make it stop. When you have a factory built race car for the road, there aren’t many modifications you really need to do. To keep him safe, he has added a custom roll bar, Sparco racing seats, and a Sparco steering wheel.

All in all we can’t say enough about this M3, and love to see them at the track. Congratulations and see you in the paddock!

Follow Sebastian on Instagram @things_sebs_does

September 24, 2021

This weeks winner goes to Joshua Walling and his stunning 1995 dakar yellow E36 M3. I am a little partial to this color because I currently own a dakar yellow M3 myself. Joshua told us he spent the winter completely refreshing the engine and transmission by first removing it entirely from the car. If you’re going to do a proper overhaul, this is by far the best way. He stated that every single gasket, seal, pump, and tensioner were replaced to have a great starting point and peace of mind going forward on this 25+ year old car. Along with resealing the engine he performed loads of preventative maintenance including rebuilding the power steering system, power steer pump, new coolant lines, clutch lines, and more. Joshua used a few different Race German products on this build including our injector rebuild kit, VANOS rebuild kit and the stainless steel no cut hose clamps.

We appreciate the support and love helping out on builds anyway we can. It does not sound like one nut or bolt was untouched and we know the feeling of that at Race German. It is a lot of work, but in the end you are much more proud of the result. Congratulations and thanks for keeping another Bavarian alive!

Follow Joshua on Instagram @therealswiper

September 17, 2021

This weeks winner goes to Nick Reichart and his beautiful BMW E30 325e. We are no stranger to the E30 platform and absolutely love them for their versatility. You can make street cars, race cars, drift cars and more. It is also a great platform to learn on because parts are cheap, relatively available, and everything is pretty easy to access. There is no wonder Nick has been going through and learning on this great example. Nick states that this has been a long term project that has actually gone through a couple different engines already. The project started 7.5 years ago with a m20b27 that is standard in all E30 eta models. He then punched that motor out to a 2.9L which put smiles on his face for about 20,000 miles. After that, the frown turned upside down, and he transplanted a stock m20b25 engine to keep it running.

Along with the engine work, Nick installed H&R race springs, Z3 steering rack upgrade, and bigger front sway bars to keep it planted. On the exterior he converted to euro bumpers (which is our favorite look), AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels, and a Zender replica front valance.

All in all its a great start and we love to see the progress of these builds. Make sure to follow Nick on instagram @reichart_automotive

September 10, 2021

This weeks winner goes to Justin Okamoto and his 1994 BMW E36 318i convertible. This car is a great example of a “wow” transformation.  Justin stated he purchased the car for only $400 because he simply needed transportation to and from work.  Slowly the BMW bug bit him and he started creating a vision for this topless Bavarian.  Nothing was going to stop him from making it his own track car, which is something we can get behind.  Justin’s 318i ended up holding a special place in his heart when he told us he had the last great conversation with his mother in this car before she passed away from cancer.  Not only did he want to make sure he built his promise, but Justin found a different calling as well.

Because of the pain and heartache he went through dealing with his mother battling cancer, Justin started a 501c(3) charity called “Cars for the Cure.”  This is a non profit charity based in Greenville, South Carolina that found a way to combine his love for automobiles and his dedication to defeating cancer in order to help those struggling with such a deadly condition.  Cars for the Cure raises money through car shows, track days, and other events to help families in need who are feeling the effects of cancer financially. He has helped provide meals, pay bills, and even take them to their appointments.

We can’t congratulate Justin enough, by using his passion, and gathering a community together to fight a great cause.

We invite you to check out Cars for the Cure at www.carsforthecuresc.org

September 3, 2021

Our first weeks winner goes to this absolutely wild 1995 318ti gravel rally car. Now I have to admit I have seen this car floating around social media and have been in love with it since day one. It also sparked interest to do a similar build with our E36 ti on the farm.

This off-road Bavarian is outfitted with the driveline of a 1995 M3 (s50), Reiger rally shocks, PFC brakes, Braid wheels, and Hoosier tires to keep it planted when it isn't flying through the air. The owner says this is first full season of competition in this car and have already won 2WD in both Rally Colorado and Gorman Ridge Rally Races. He is currently leading the 2WD class in both the ARA western Championship and the California Rally Series.

Very impressive and we can't say enough about this build. It looks like an absolute riot to drive. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram.