Updated: Aug 14, 2018

If you own an e30, there is a good chance you have ran across a company called Condor Speed Shop.  The Condor guys started in 2007 as a two man team who built a ridiculous twin turbo, wide body, 325is E30 for the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge.  Their first product to break into this competitive market was the simple power steering delete block.  They immediately started selling these all over the BMW forums, and traction was gained.  The need to supply quality parts at an affordable price grew, and so did Condor Speed Shop.

Condor is known for their super bright white UHMW bushings.  UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (not polyurethane).  Wow, that’s a mouthful, lets break it down.  This highly dense polyethylene has very long chains which help transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone by strengthening intermolecular connections.  What is the result of all this?  Well, a very tough material to be blunt.  UHMW carries one of the highest impact strengths of any thermoplastic in existence, making it a perfect material for race/track cars.

We aren’t just writing this blog to plug another aftermarket company, but we have been exclusively using their bushings in our track car for over 5 years now.  We have mentioned this in our blog post about the Condor Speed Shop door cards, but one of the main factors we continue to work with Condor Speed shop is their customer service, and their continued dedication to provide the best quality parts, even if that means redesigning them.  We rarely see companies these days creating, testing and continuing to take feedback of their products for future changes.  This is exactly what Condor Speed Shop has done here.

For this post, we want to talk about their 24 valve engine mounts.  If you have been following us on Instagram (and if not you should), I am sure you have seen our M50 swapped 1991 318is.  Over 4 years ago, we purchased Condor Speed Shops motor mounts for this application, and have been very satisfied.  The motor mounts did the job no problem making a direct connection from the engine to the frame, but no one is perfect their first try.  The first generation of their 24 valve motor mounts seemed to have an angle that never truly fit the angle of the engine mounting arm to the subframe.  In addition, the studs always seemed a little too long, making it a challenge to install without either jacking up the engine more than you would like, or lowering the subframe.  Finally, an issue that was mostly my fault, arose on hot summer days.  You must remember the mounts are made of a polyethylene which is a type of plastic, and with the stock cast iron headers, reaching temperatures above 1000 degrees, the header side motor mount started to melt.  But don’t you worry, Condor Speed Shop is back, and has solutions to these first world problems.

Version 2.0 of their 24 valve motor mounts have included a much greater angle to fit the motor mount arms.  This is a considerably better fit and has helped with engine vibrations.  Along with this, they have shortened the threads and corrected the pin location to make installation a breeze.  To solve the melting issue, they created, which I believe, is one of the best motor mount heat sleeves on the market.  The sleeve is made of fiberglass fabric on one side, with a reflective product on the other.  It is cut to perfectly match the mount with high strength Velcro sewed in for attachment.  This has completely solved my issue, and would highly recommend this product to anyone running an aftermarket mount.

All in all, are these motor mounts worth it? Yes! Yes, they are. Remember a good rule of thumb is if you decide to run solid motor mounts to run solid mounts on everything else.  The reason behind this is, if you use solid motor mounts but keep rubber trans mounts, the vibrations will travel to the rubber mounting points and cause severe wear.

Lastly, I continue to be surprised by Condor Speed Shop and look forward to seeing what new products they bring to market.  If you haven’t tried them out yet, head over to their website and browse all of their goodies.  Since that first power steering delete, they have expanded products from the 2002, all the way through the e90, and continue to grow.  Its safe to say these guys aren’t going anywhere, and we are ok with that.

Build It. Race It.


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