Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Because race car huh?  We have all heard that term.  It usually means compromising looks, quality, comfortability, and most importantly function over form.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with Condor Speed Shop’s precision CNC cut plastic door cards.  These are made from a textured black ABS plastic (comes in aluminum as well) measuring only .093” thick.  The door cards are pre drilled for installation, and include cutouts for the door latch mechanism.  Condor also has a door pull strap option (a must to achieve that Porsche GT3 look), in which they marked the backside of the door card to make location and installation a breeze. 

So what is the big deal?  Plastic door cards?  I can make that myself in two seconds.  Let me go on record and say, don’t.  The amount of time it would take you to accurately measure the door, make precision cuts and have it looking halfway decent in the end is slim, especially when these start at only $125 for the fronts.  “But Justin, because race car”…well if that was the case don’t use any door cards.  If you have a spece30, track dedicated car, or one blue houndstooth tattered over the last 30 years, this is a great option.

As with any Condor Speed Shop product, the quality and customer service is above par.  In a world when nobody wants to do their job, these guys have always delivered for me, in a very timely manner.  I purchased the door cards over their Black Friday special, and they arrived just a week later.  The cards came tightly packed and arrived with no damage.  Opening the box I was immediately surprised by the quality of the product.  The precision CNC cuts were impeccable with no burs on the edges.  Holding them up to doors, I found the accuracy to be on par with what I would expect from these guys. Even the cut outs around the door latch, were perfect to allow the OEM trim ring to be used (great touch)

So how do you attach them?  Well in all honesty, Condor Speed Shop does not provide instructions for these.  The installation is up to you, and can be done in quite a few different ways.  The cheapest and easiest way would be to use sheet metal screws and run them in to your doors.  The more permanent solution is to use pop rivets, but that sounds like a hassle if you ever wanted to remove them.  Our solution, rivet nuts or rivnuts.  A rivet nut is similar to a pop rivet but it swages between the sheet metal of the car and provides a female threaded insert for you to use screws.  This allows you to remove the door cards whenever you want for a clean appearance.   A rivet nut tool can be purchased on Amazon or harbor freight for $15-$100 dollars.  This is also a great tool to add a threaded insert to any piece of metal or plastic you want to fasten something to.  A must tool to add to your arsenal as well.

Finally, if you ordered the door pull option, you made a great choice.  The straps come in red or black and are made from high strength nylon with solid metal rivets where the bolt goes through.  The bolt holding the door pull on attaches to the sheet metal of the door and is plenty strong enough to close.  Condor Speed Shop includes OEM Porsche 964 door pull vanity covers which was a surprising touch.

In the end plastic door panels aren’t anything new, but Condor Speed Shop has gone above and beyond to deliver a quality, precision product at a fantastic price.  If you are looking for a change to your interior or want a little more boy racer, I would highly suggest this product. 

Build It. Race It.


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